A call to action from

BANDALOOP, Madrone Studios and Illuminate the Arts

*Raise Your Voice With BANDALOOP*

You are invited to be part of a large-scale performance called #SFPublicCanvas. A community conversation made up of projected images collected through social media, #SFPublicCanvas will be activated by a live BANDALOOP vertical dance performance in the Mid-Market corridor in San Francisco.

All you need to do is:

  • Show or tell us what inspires and challenges you about the Mid-Market district of San Francisco, what change you want to see there, or simply tell us who you are and why you are in the Mid-Market district.
  • Share your thoughts, photos, video, text, poetry, free associations or prose on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #SFPublicCanvas.
  • Your stories and images will be incorporated into our dance and video design.

A many-to-many conversation, #SFPublicCanvas will highlight your dreams, challenges and desires for this vibrant and challenging heart of San Francisco through dynamic large scale public performance. Be part of it!

#SFPublicCanvas is supported by funding from The Kenneth Rainin Foundation, A Lighting Artists in Dance grant from Dancers Group, the National Endowment for the Arts and San Francisco Grants for the Arts.

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