“Interiors” is an indoor vertical dance piece featuring an interactive set design that celebrates and questions assumptions about every day life. “Interiors” turns this world on its side, exploring relationships in domestic space through lyrical, minimalist and highly physical three-dimensional dance that references both physical and mental interiors.  In the context of a “house”, movement that negotiates a climbable flying dinner table and a suspended oversized picture frame animates and magnifies the smaller motions of life.  The set and the dance evoke an “interior” bristling with underlying mischief.

The piece begins with an element of surprise and evokes an emotional landscape through movement that includes a sideways dinner party, dancing with furniture and a suspended mysterious trio in which the chandelier come to “life”.  It returns to a playful conclusion as guests join in on what is an intimate and awkward sideways date at the hanging table.  Throughout the piece a single character remains in the picture frame, observing, only to be intruded upon once by the house dwellers.  Together the piece tells a topsy-turvy story of the beauty in the everyday.  The multi-dimensional choreography reframes movement, relationships and values unearthing the beauty of the quotidian and expanding the ordinary to include the absurd.

Choreographed by Amelia Rudolph in collaboration with dancers of BANDALOOP
Set Design by Todd Laby