Forgotten Walls

BANDALOOP’S newest outdoor site-reactive work “Forgotten Walls” unites vertical dance, projected video content, music and local narrative to reframe the experience of urban landscape. Choreographer Amelia Rudolph, together with video artist Jonathan Rowe, will layer Bandaloop’s signature vertical dance with video collages set to music on the side of a building. This multi-layered investigation of place-based memory, decay, change and renewal will be performed to an original score by composer Gideon Freudmann. The intermittent video content will add a kaleidoscopic background narrative and create environments in which the choreography will take place.

Rudolph’s choreography, together with Rowe’s videography, will tell a kinetic story about urban place and its physical and human lifecycle, highlighting the importance of community as an animating force. Each urban “Forgotten Wall” will be selected for its evocative connections to the work’s central themes, and will evolve in a site-specific manner reflecting on diverse narratives central to each site. The gathering of stories from the history and people of the site itself will form the content of the performance: solicited from the public who live, work and travel through each location through social media. Historical photographs and documents will reveal the site’s history and provide a visual story of each place. The work is a 60 minute, non-traditional piece presented in public space, indoor or outdoor. Created to be performed in full with live music or as excerpts with recorded music, the work is scaleable to a presenter’s site and budget. A large exterior wall with adjacent audience space, or an interior atrium with walls for video are suitable sites.

“Forgotten Walls” will draw people together in the streets to share an experience of art. Capitalizing on the current movement to re-invent and re-build the urban core of our cities, BANDALOOP will exploit its successful model of community enriching performance. The spark of creativity between the artistic collaborators will inspire ingenuity in the creative work, and pride of place in the community in which it is performed. “Forgotten Walls” will:

  • Fire the imagination, memory and investment in a community through site-reactive dance;
  • Offer an immersive residency experience which builds on the themes of decay, renewal and re-birth, as a compliment to the live performances;
  • Combine the artistry of three highly innovative artists in an inspiring series of public performances.

For more information, contact Thomas Cavanagh, Executive Director at

The creation and production of “Forgotten Walls” is made possible in part by the National Endowment for the Arts and The City of Oakland Cultural Funding Program.