Preparing for our July SF home season

Posted on Mar 6, 2013

We’re busy gearing up for our July home season in San Francisco. Partnering with the Fort Mason Center, a 55,000 sq ft waterfront pavilion, BANDALOOP will premiere a brand new work, “Harboring”. Along with collaborators Jack Carpenter (art director), Todd Laby (set designer), Jim French (lighting), and Dana Leong and Gideo Freudmann (music), BANDALOOP founder/artistic director Amelia Rudolph will realize a engrossing, unconventional dance performance.

The work will respond to the transitional place Ft. Mason is and was, employing vertical, floor-based and aerial site-reactive dance to draw the viewer into an immersive experience. Using both an outdoor site and the interior of the vast pavilion as a three-dimensional canvas, “Harboring” will use dynamic rigging systems, the dancers’ bodies, and interactive set pieces to engage the architecture of the spaces.

The event will disrupt traditional performance style by asking the audience to invest in it through participation: members will pass through the spaces as a group to experience different sites, mingle and talk with each other at intervals, contribute memories and discuss dreams through various portals.

July 18, 19, 20 & 21, 2013

Fort Mason Center

Once known as the San Francisco Port of Embarkation, Ft. Mason is situated between a vast ocean and a bustling urban landscape. With a military past and a cultural present, Ft. Mason has witnessed countless transitions, both physical and metaphorical. “Harboring” will springboard off images of ancestry, the ocean, travel, rope craft, floating, harboring and anchoring, as well as the intimate juxtaposition of the social world of the city, and the retraining of order in urban spaces.